Summer Grilling

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A fter what seems like a long wait, summer is FINALLY here, and it’s time for you and your family to hang by the pool, relax, drink some ice cold beers, and grill some hot dogs, burgers, all those delicious summer meals. 

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Connor Bock. I am the Product Specialist here at Discount Hearth, and I will be a new addition to the blog. For my first post I want to dive into the first summer holiday, which is glorious Father’s Day. As far as I know, during these important family holidays, shopping for gifts at times naturally becomes last minute- I’m guilty of it, and I’m sure you are too. But there’s no need to scramble about through the isles of Sears the night before. Discount Hearth has what you need! 

While working at DH, I’ve selected a colossal amount of products, including barbecue grills, burners, fire pits, fire bowls, you name it. Yesterday, while taking a quick scan through some catalogs, I came across the Clint Eastwood of barbecue grills. Stylish, simplistic, efficient. Good, not bad, nor ugly. The “L” Series Grills from American Outdoor Grills are some of the best grills I’ve come across. These grills are packed with more features than Batman’s utility belt, but what really separates them is that they are ridiculously gorgeous. 

Crafted in Stainless Steel, these beautiful grills ensure durability and style, shining bright with a silver tone that will force the “Oh Yeah” Ferris Bueller theme to play in your head. And not only are the grills all pretty-looking, but they are portable! With wheels attached at the bottom, it makes it ten times easier to move your grill around. Cooking space also less of an issue, as the portable collection is designed as a superior space-saving solution. All American Outdoor Grill stainless steel burners are backed by an outstanding 15-Year Warranty! In my personal opinion, the best attribute of these grills are the Halogen Lights and the “Rapid Light” push-to-light ignition system, included in the L and T grills respectively. With the Halogen Lights, you will have absolutely ZERO problems with cooking out in the darkness of the night, and with the “Rapid Light” system, it’s like flipping a light switch on and off- it’s that easy. 

Start off your summer right by celebrating your father’s special day with the gift of top-shelf grilling products!

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