Remove Whistle from Gas Fireplace or Fire Pit

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We receive many questions here at Discount Hearth, so today I want to address one that we are commonly asked: Why does my gas fireplace or fire pit make a whistle sound? This whistle noise can disrupt your entire ambiance, and unfortunately it is a very common occurrence when using gas applications. The whistling sound is produced by the flow of gas through a gas connector tube with evenly spaced corrugation (Figure 1). Physics explains that when gas travels through a corrugated tube at high velocity it creates a whistle with varying tones depending on the volume of air flowing through it. Fortunately there is a very simple solution to stop this obnoxious sound! The Non-Whistle Gas Flex Line will eliminate whistling noise from a gas fireplace, fire pit or gas appliance.

The Non-Whistle Gas Flex Line works by using corrugations with different interval spacing (Figure 2). This spacing disrupts the whistle while maintaining a flexible gas line. The Non-Whistle Flex Line comes in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 diameter and lengths from 12” - 48” (Note longer runs will reduce BTU output).

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