Remove Soot from Gas Flame

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We get the question a lot from customers asking " Why is there so much black soot coming from my burner. "  This article will answer this question and give you the remedy needed.

Soot is a common occurrence when Gas does not fully burn during ignition.  The unburned fuel is transformed into carbon or as we call it soot.  To combat soot the oxygen to gas ratio must be correct to get a clean burn.  This ratio is also referred to as burning rich or lean.  The term lean means that there is to little gas and the term rich means there is to much gas.  Burning rich is what creates carbon.  LP Gas is the main culprit for soot because it requires a larger mixture of oxygen to gas compared to NG Gas.  This is because LP Gas has a higher density.  

The LP Air Mixture Valve is a critical part in Fireplace and Fire Pit installation allowing for a perfect burn ratio.  The LP Air Mixture Valve is installed inline with the gas supply line.  It should connect directly to the burner into hub.  The LP Air Mixture Valve will mix the supply gas with the proper amount of oxygen immediately before ignition thus giving a soot free flame.

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