How to Calculate Fire Glass Amount

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At Discount Hearth we get all kinds of questions regarding fireplaces and fire pits, but the most prolific question of all time is how much fire glass do I need? This is a simple question but it does not always have a simple answer. Determining the amount of fire glass needed is more complicated than just buying a big bag of lava rock, guessing how much to pour on and removing the excess. Fire glass comes in various sizes, requires different cover amounts, and is far too expensive to buy in excess. So what is the magic formula? 

This article will lead you down two roads. CLICK Calculate to take the easy road and use our online fire glass calculator or continue down the road less traveled and learn all there is to know. 

When it comes to fire glass depth the rule of thumb is about a 2”- 3” covering. The smaller the glass size the more glass it will take to obtain this covering. 1/4” glass fills more tightly together than 3/4” does, thus leaving smaller voids. This void or air gap size with the fire glass covering is a very important factor to consider when choosing your glass for your application (See our previous article on Selecting the right fire glass size).Once the fire glass size has been selected and you have determined the depth desired, it is time to calculate the amount.



Width at Middle = W
Depth (back to front) = D
Glass Depth = GlassD


Diameter of Pit = D
Glass Depth = GlassD

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