Don't Make This Simple Mistake On Your Next Project

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W hen it comes down to buying any product, what we really want is for it to arrive at our doorstep as soon as it can. We develop this intense feeling of anticipation and at times forget to check for assurance of quality and more important, safety. “Gimme, gimme, gimme!” … No. Not in this case. There are several associations that can guarantee legitimate safety and quality of product, including the CSA International (Canadian Standards Association) and the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories). 

I'll devise a hypothetical scenario to ensure clarity for homeowners on the importance of using CSA/UL products. Let’s say you want to built your dream backyard. You might have a built-in barbecue, fire pit or maybe a hole dug for a swimming pool. During this construction, you’ll be presented with products that you would like to implement into your plans. Because you will be receiving an inspection, you are going to want to stick with CSA or UL Approved Products, for they are already have that stamp of approval that will guarantee success. 

The Canadian Standards Association specializes not just in the North America region, but in Asia, India, and Europe as well. The Underwriter’s Laboratories primarily covers the United States. It also maintains over 40 countries as well. For the best results within the act of installing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or gas products, it is in your best interest to confirm that your products are CSA/UL approved.

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