Benefits of a Burner Pan/Ring

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We have received a lot of questions here at Discount Hearth asking "What is a Burner Pan/Ring used for ?"  Today we answer that question.

The Burner Pan/Ring was developed to reduce the cost of filler material.  Filler material refers to Fire Glass, Fire Rock, or Lava that sits on and around the burner ring.  The Burner Pan/Ring gives the illusion of a fire pit completely filled but only a few inches of filler is actually used.

This Fire Pit makes great use of the Burner Pan/Ring

As you can see it looks as if the pit is filled 20" deep with Fire Glass but it is only using about 3"  This saves upwards of $700 in Fire Glass.

The other benefit of the Burner Pan/Ring is that it easily allows access to the gas supply line.  This makes annual safety checks and maintenance quick and simple.

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