Barbecue Season is here!

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Summer is right around the corner and it is time to get prepared. Start cleaning the deck, pull out the patio furniture, and dust off the Barbecue Grill. One topic that always seems to arise every year is “What is the best BBQ Grill?" Is it charcoal or propane? Some argue charcoal has a taste propane cannot compete with and other say propane not only has the taste, but is much quicker and cleaner to use. So who is right? Here at Discount Hearth we say neither. Our vote is in for the Barbecue Pellet Grill! Most consumers do not even get a chance to think of a Pellet Grill because seasonal tv commercials on charcoal and propane grills are constantly being shoved down our throats. This article will cover the benefits of pellet grills, compare features with other grills, and show what you have been missing out on. 

Pellet Grill 

The Pellet Grill is the most versatile grill on the market. It is able to grill, smoke, high temp sear, and even bake with astounding results. The key to the pellet grill's versatility is the precision automated temperature control. The automated temperature control is made up of a pellet hopper with an electronic auger system that is tied directly to the thermostat module. In other words it is smart. You set the temperature you want and the grill will keep it there. Try doing that with charcoal or propane. 


The pellet grill is able to infuse flavors into the food by using different pellet wood types. These pellets can go range from neutral to an intense smoke flavor profile. Ease of Use The pellet grill is very easy to use. Most users are ready to cook in 10 mins unlike charcoal which can take 30 mins plus. It is true that propane is the fastest to use but it also has the most danger during ignition. The pellet grill safe and will not remove your eyebrows. 


The pellet grill is also able to do a rotisserie, reach temps of 600 degrees, and many models have a built in meat thermometer. Before you go buy that charcoal or propane grill stop and do your research on the pellet grill.

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