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    Turn your fireplace, fire table, or fire pit into a colorful work of art with our Fire Glass

    Our Fire Glass provides an amazing and mesmerizing display in your fireplace or fire pit. Unlike traditional alternatives, our glass looks great without the need of a flame.

    Is it time to replace your old gas logs with something shinny and new? Or maybe you’re finally building that backyard fire pit you always wanted? Our Fire Glass is a great alternative. As the flames come up through the glass it looks like fire dancing on ice. The flames as well as the heat is reflected off the glass producing a beautiful and warm effect.

    Fire Glass has been around for years. It is clean, safe, and cost effective. These characteristics along with it’s beauty have made Fire Glass the most popular option today for all new or existing fire features.

    Benefits of Our Fire Glass
    • Completely Safe to Handle with No Sharp Edges
    • Works with Both Liquid Propane and Natural Gas
    • Easily Installed Into Any Gas Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit
    • Mix and Match Colors for a Unique Custom Look
    • We offer Multiple Sizes and Colors
    • Will Not Discolor, Melt, or Deteriorate
    • Will Not Emit Any Smoke or Odors

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    Unlike other cheap Fire Glass, our Fire Glass is designed for the high temperatures of gas flames

    Every installation can have its own set of circumstances and different County and State regulations may play a role as well. It is always best to contact your local plumber, contractor or gas company prior to any work.

    Glass Size Comparison

    You will receive our Premium Fire Glass that is designed for the high temperatures of gas flames.  It is guaranteed not to melt or degrade.